The Cadama first set sail in 1971 and is still going strong into 2017. Despite being a luxury sailing yacht from nearly 50 years ago, this beautiful vessel has been refitted twice in the 2010s to provide the amenities that people expect from modern yacht designs, such as full air conditioning. She’s not the biggest sailing yacht, or the fastest, but she carries a charm and boldness that few yachts can claim.

This is the yacht for those who wish to get involved in the exhilarating exercise of sailing, diving and fishing, as it’s a small boat without the indulgent luxuries that you find on large motor yachts. The interior is modern, but with a classic aesthetic that shows off the history of this nearly 50-year old yacht.

You can go scuba diving on the Cadama, but it’s only in an area around the yacht. The yacht allows for up to 7 guests and 3 crew members, with a master suite, 2 twin cabins and 1 Pullman bed. For those that want a less busy and crowded voyage, on a beautiful and well-built yacht with nearly 50 years of heritage, the Cadama is the yacht for you. The Cadama is available for approximately 14,000 per week, being one of the cheaper yacht charters. It sails all year long in the Mediterranean, including its home turf: the French Riviera.

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