Built in 2009 by Trinity Yachts, Unbridled is a superb, modern and well-furnished yacht that offers a good balance between exciting water sports and relaxing on the huge exterior space available. The Unbridled has dedicated office space, for those that might have to do work on their cruise. The Unbridled can sail comfortably at around 15 knots, or 18 knots at top speed. Even when it comes to a stop, the at-anchor stabilisers prevent the boat from rocking about in the sea. The amenities on offer are impressive: a fully suited Gymnasium, Jacuzzi, Satellite TV and Video-On-Demand alongside activities like diving, kayaking, Snorkelling, Water-skiing and Wave Riding.

The design of the ship is quite conventional, yet striking: balconies dominate the outside of the yacht, while the interior of the ship is of an understated, classical aesthetic. Both the interior and exterior designs were made by Patrick Knowles.

The Unbridled takes the classical interior styling of yachts made during the turn of the century and uses modern construction methods to produce a yacht that isn’t ostentatious but carries a grandness of its own. Easily the queen of any harbour she would dock in, the Unbridled is fitted with the latest entertainment facilities and creature comforts. She can carry up to 12 guests in 6 cabins, with 13 crew on board to ensure great service and plenty of room.

The Unbridled operates mainly in the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas, both in summer and winter, and it’s available for between 240000 and 315000 Euros a week, plus expenses. The Unbridled represents the pinnacle of traditional aesthetics and modern performance. If you’re looking for a super yacht charter based in Monaco and St Barths with access to ports around the western Caribbean and the Mediterranean, You Charter Direct provides several cruising locations in the Mediterranean and Caribbean so you can see some of the natural beauty of these regions for yourself.

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