Built by Overmarine in 2004, the Scratch is a yacht that manages to combine lightweight design, raw power and sleek luxury that makes it the naval equivalent of a Bentley. With a top speed of 38 knots, it’ll beat most yachts of its size in a straight sprint due to its clever use of carbon fibre in its hull and superstructure. While this kind of design is more commonly seen on sports and racing boats, the Scratch uses it to augment its already luxurious appearance.

Its gunmetal grey hull adorned with wooden floorboards certainly makes an impression on the high seas. Despite weighing 95 tonnes, the Scratch is one of the fastest ships of its size, and is able to carry 9 guests in luxury while cruising around the South of France in style. The interior of the Scratch is also nothing to laugh at: discrete wood paneling and white walls give the entire yacht an understated, subtle sense of luxury.

When it comes to activities available on the yacht, there’s a brand new Williams Turbojet motor dinghy available , as well as a 230 hp Wave Runner, water skis and a wave board, which can take full advantage of the Scratch’s formidable performance. Facilities for snorkeling and a bevy of inflatable toys are also available. The aft sunbeds can be converted to allow space for al fresco dining, and with sunbeds at the front and a more formal dining set-up in the salon, you will be spoilt for choice as to where you want to spend your time.

What can the Scratch provide for your yacht charter adventure? A balance of performance, luxury and looks to produce one of the most striking yachts you’ll ever see on the Mediterranean. If you’re looking for a super yacht charter based in St Tropez or Cannes, You Charter Direct provides several cruising locations in the Mediterranean so you can enjoy some of the sights, sounds and tastes of these amazing parts of the world.

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