Chartering a superyacht is the ultimate, isn’t it? 

So few will ever get the opportunity to experience what it’s like to travel in the utmost luxury on a fully crewed vessel to some of the most desirable destinations in the world, be that the Caribbean, the South of France, the Greek Islands, the Azores, Croatia or beyond.

Charter A Superyacht

But if you are fortunate enough to be able to charter a superyacht, there’s a list of things you need to know or consider first.

Read on to find out what they are, so that nothing gets in the way of your trip of a lifetime.

How To Choose Your Charter

There are some things in life that require a proper conversation before you go making a decision: and, believe us, chartering a superyacht is one of them!

Put it this way, would you like the best superyacht experience possible? One tailored to you and your travel companions’ needs?

Or do you want to take the risk of relying on a faceless booking app that gives you limited options and leaves you anxious about whether what you’re committing to will actually live up to your high expectations? 

If it’s the assurance that you will get the best possible experience shaped around your needs you want, then talking to a charter broker with a great reputation is definitely the way to go.

A reputable charter broker will give you the widest choice of superyachts, work out an itinerary based on your specific needs, provide the best crew and chefs, and be very much ‘in the know’ when it comes to recommending the best parties or events to enjoy in your dream destination.

Where Would You Like To Go?

It’s all very well having your pick of the world’s best superyachts captained by some of the best in the business, but where on earth would you like to go? 

When you charter a superyacht, the world becomes your oyster.

But you may not have a crystal clear idea of quite where you’d like to go. So, again, this is where a charter broker comes in, because they can advise you of the best places to go to suit your needs and inclinations.

Is it the most incredible sunsets you’re after? The best snorkelling and opportunities to spot whales, dolphins and the like? Do you want to go to a destination rich in history and culture? Or are you just looking to let your hair down and party cheek-to-cheek with A-Listers and royalty in some of the world’s most exclusive hotspots?

Or perhaps you want a blend of all of these?

Your superyacht charter broker will have the experience, knowledge and local expertise to recommend the very best destinations for you.

When Would You Like To Go?

Which superyacht you would like to go on and to where very much depends upon the destination and the time of year.

For instance, the best time to experience the delights of the Mediterranean is in the summer; while you’ll get the best Caribbean experience in the winter. 

That said, there are opportunities to cruise the waters of Central and South America, Antarctica, Australasia and Northern Europe during other parts of the year.

Want the best chance to see the spectacular Northern Lights, for example? Then you should think about chartering a suitable vessel to the Norwegian Fjords, Iceland, Lapland or Finland between November and April.

Tailoring The Whole Superyacht Experience To Your Needs

Every superyacht broker worth their salt will want their guests to experience the best possible experience, whether onboard or in their desired destinations.

There are a few things you’ll need to discuss with your broker before you charter your superyacht, so that they can tailor everything to your needs, right down to the finest detail.

On a simple level, how many guests will you be bringing? 

Will there be children? And, if so, what does the broker need to put in place to give them an amazing time? What food do they love to eat? Will they want a party of their own? Are there any activities they would like to do? 

Does your group want to head to just one or two destinations, or perhaps stop off in a wider number of places for shopping, gastronomic experiences or partying? 

Do they want to do some sightseeing or be taken to the most secluded beaches?

What kind of cuisine, wines and cocktails will you and your guests most enjoy?

Will you want to take part in diving, jet-skiing or other water adventures? Some fishing, perhaps?

Will you want a yacht with an onboard pool or spa? 

These are all questions that your charter broker will have in mind, so that they can put the captain and crew in the best position to deliver the very best experience.

Do You Want Everything To Go To Plan?

Asking whether you want everything to go to plan may seem like a question with an obvious answer.

But we ask it because some people will – for whatever reason – take the risk of trying to organize their superyacht experience themselves via an app or their own research.

We’d strongly advise against that.

It’s essential that you book a superyacht through a highly experienced and reputable broker because they will be infinitely better-placed to protect you against risks and, most importantly, provide the experience you really desire.

Your superyacht experience should all be about relaxation, fun, indulgence, and enjoying the best time with people – not worrying about what might possibly go wrong or fretting about details that keep you awake at night.

Why Choose YouCharter As Your Superyacht Broker?

We are a superyacht charter broker with an unrivalled passion for giving you, our high wealth and celebrity clientèle, heavenly yachting experiences on the Med, Caribbean, USA, Indian Ocean – or anywhere else in the world you may want to go.

We are a highly experienced team of expert Captains and Crew led by James Battey, and we’ve been honing the art of delivering seamless bespoke yachting experiences for decades.

And we fervently believe that there is no excuse for every aspect of your superyacht experience not to be totally flawless – even down to the very finest detail.
Want to enjoy the best possible superyacht experience? Get in touch via our enquiry form and we’ll deliver a luxury journey you’ll never forget.