Off to the east of the Provence region, known for its association with art, cusinine and culture, is Cannes. Famous around the world for the Cannes Film Festival, film and art buffs regard Cannes as their Mecca. Like many towns around the French Riviera, Cannes was converted into a tourist town at the turn of the century, as the invention of the railroad, automobile and eventually aircraft revolutionised tourism.

Alongside its picturesque avenues and waterfronts, Cannes boasts a number of attractions you can’t find elsewhere. Numerous five-star hotels and restaurants dot the landscape, as well as some superb museums, events and places that you need to see, should you choose to visit Cannes.

Points of Interest

Alongside the Champs-Elysees, the Promenade de la Croisette is one of the most famous streets in France. Marked by an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea, with designer shops and high-class restaurants, the Promenade is a microcosm of the French Riviera that anyone interested in the region needs to see.

Le Suquet is Cannes as it looked before becoming the tourist hotspot it is today. Old houses on each side of a cobblestone street leading up to a perfect view of the Promenade and the castle that signified its history as a military post.

Museums and Other Buildings

Le Monastere Fortifie is an ancient monastery famous for it being situated more like a fortress than a religious site: hence its name. Sitting on a rocky outcrop and facing the sea, Its history as a fortified monastery tells tales of the monastery being attacked from all around Europe. Now a tourist attraction as well as still being an active monastery, the building is climbable and a tourist shop sells some of the superb wines produced by the monastery’s vineyards.

Located just outside of Cannes is the infamous Iles de Lerins, the home of the Fort Royal prison where the Man In The Iron mask was kept prisoner. Much like the more famous Alcatraz island in America, the island was used to keep high-profile prisoners away from the rest of society.

Besides its famous Film Festival, there’s a lot to see in Cannes, and the city is easily travelled to by yacht via St Tropez, Monaco and other ports in the South of France. Cannes is a popular stopping point on a superyacht cruise, with You Charter Direct offering several cruises that pass by Ibiza and other coastal cities along the western Mediterranean.