Once you’ve had a taste of Monaco’s nightlife, you should stick around for a while to get a sample of Monaco’s other tourist attractions. Besides the famous Monte Carlo casino, the annual Monaco Grand Prix and the scenic view of the Mediterranean from the harbour, there’s a whole host of events, museums, entertainment venues, gardens, historical buildings and plazas that you can take a look at.


The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is one of the best aquariums and nautical museums in southern Europe. One half of the venue is dedicated to oceanographic history while the other half is dedicated to showing off the beautiful marine life that lies in the seas and oceans of the world. From the Shark Lagoon to Turtle Island, the Museum plays host to 6000 species of fish, crustaceans, reptiles and molluscs.

For the Petrolheads out there, there’s Prince Rainier’s collection of antique cars. Ranging from horse-drawn carriages of centuries gone by to various modern and vintage Formula 1 and Grand Prix racing cars, Prince Rainier’s private collection is publicly viewable and shows off the evolution of cars from the Turn of the Millennium all the way to the thoroughbred racers of the 21st century.

Les Grands Appartements du Palais is one of Monaco’s former stately palaces open to the public, giving some insight into an obscure but ancient royal lineage. The Palais plays host to centuries of European art and architecture, with Renaissance artwork and Baroque architecture spread through its many halls and rooms.

Parks and Plazas

One of the key attractions of Monaco is its Japanese Garden. While quite small and expensive to visit, it’s one of the best-maintained parks of its kind in Europe and a popular tourist attraction. A more European park to visit would be the Princess Grace Botanical Garden, named for the actress Grace Kelly. Filled with beautiful flowers and expertly sculpted statues, it’s a more traditional park but no less outstanding in its beauty.

Just outside the famous Monte Casino is Casino Square. If you want to see fast cars, beautiful fountains and distinctive architecture, this is the one place in Monaco to go.

Monaco’s glamorous reputation has led people to believe it’s only good for partying and gambling your money away, but underneath this is a beautiful Mediterranean town with a rich cultural heritage and many different things to see.