Anybody who enjoys the serene waters of the Mediterranean is going to agree that it should still be beautiful for future generations. However, the Mediterranean is home to not only superyachts, but cruise ships and tankers, which is reducing the water quality of the sea in a similar way to the North Sea.

The Mediterranean is home to a number of ecosystems that both the local people and the wider health of the region depend on, which is being slowly eroded through tourism and trade. Is there a way to enjoy the majesty of the Med without contributing to its pollution problem?

Around the island of Formentera and most of the Mediterranean coastline is the Posidonia: an underwater plant that provides an essential role in maintaining the quality of the water around Formentera. However, it’s also vulnerable to pollution and its range is dramatically shrinking. Without it, the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean will turn a dull grey.

This is why the Save Posidonia festival exists. Ordained by the Consell Insular of Formentera, the aim is to promote awareness of the Posidonia’s shrinking range, and raise funds to prevent further degradation of its natural habitat.

Between the 12th and 15th of October, the island will be host to the Save Posidonia festival. A celebration of local art and culture with a mix of activities, including yoga, beach cleaning, walking, sports and conferences dedicated to sustainable tourism. The funds raised will go directly to scientific and environmental projects dedicated to understanding the state of the Mediterranean.

With 400 marine plants and 1000 animals relying on the continued growth of Posidonia, it’s essential for all of us to consider how we’ll keep the Mediterranean seas alive. If you’re looking for a superyacht charter in St Tropez with a variety of beautiful and exotic yachts available, try out You Charter Direct.