The area around the French Riviera, St Tropez in particular, is known for being a glamorous resort area for the rich and famous since the 50s. The small town of Saint-Tropez is perhaps the most famous of the various tourist towns situated in the Riviera, founded under the Romans as Heraclea-Caccaliera, but renamed to Saint-Tropez after the Christian martyr Saint Torpes.

An unassuming fishing village for most of its history, St Tropez quickly developed a reputation in the 20th century for being the holiday destinations of musicians, film stars, fashion designers and the idle rich, due to its beautiful azure waters, luxurious hotels and vibrant nightlife. Its huge port is host to hundreds of yachts and is frequently visited by superyachts owned by the Nouveau Riche or famous media stars. The port is also the site of yacht events such as Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, with hundreds of yachts gathering in the area for races.

Today, St Tropez’s reputation as a holiday destination for the super-rich has been called into doubt as strict EU regulations on fuel prices have been implemented in the French Riviera, but not in Italy or Spain where fuel prices are significantly cheaper. This may seem miserly coming from the people who make millions upon millions of dollars every month, but it’s smart business decisions that got them the money that bought their superyachts in the first place.

Besides being a popular tourist destination, there’s the business side to things. Saint-Tropez and the surrounding area is an important source of jobs for the tourism and yachting industry, as many low and middle-income tourists visit the area too. The region is known for being a source of art and artists, with famous art styles such as Pointillism and Fauvism being created there alongside much older religious art, frequently depicting the town’s namesake.

Some may say that Saint-Tropez’s reputation as a destination for rich playboys and media starts is over, but its reputation as a shining pearl on the Mediterranean shouldn’t change anytime soon. If you’re looking for a yacht charter based in the South of France with access to ports around the western Mediterranean and the Caribbean, You Charter Direct provides several cruising locations in the Mediterranean and Caribbean so you can enjoy some of the sights and sounds of the region for yourself.

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