When it comes to choosing your yacht, you have two choices: go sailing, or go motoring. Both have their charms and their downsides, but choosing one is isn’t an issue of quality. Rather, it’s an issue of how you want your yacht charter to feel.

We’ll start with sailboats. Sailboats are obviously powered solely by wind, which means that you should value your journey over the destination in a sailboat. There’ll be days when you will make less progress than others due to wind speed and direction, but if you’re in it for the adventure and romance of sailing, then these shouldn’t be downsides. While there are plenty of creature comforts on board, a sailing ship is about getting involved and helping the crew.

Sailboats are also more environmentally friendly, due to not needing a fossil fuel-burning motor. They’re also the more stable of the two during travel, although the boat will lean slightly due to the sails. On most modern sailboats, you’ll also have access to the internet or satellite TV, but the signals tend to be weaker than on a motorboat due to the satellite being smaller.

In general, sailboats are smaller, with less room for amenities and toys, but there’s still enough room in bigger sailboats for things like Jacuzzis. It comes down to how you want your holiday to feel. Do you want to get involved, revel in the art of sailing and take the scenic route? A sailboat is perfect for you.

Motorboats are almost the diametric opposite. They’re powered by motors, which makes them a lot faster and allows them to travel directly to the destination rather than the way the wind blows. For those that don’t want to dawdle around and get to the destination, this is the better option. These boats are about relaxing and sightseeing, with the small amount of space taken up by engines allowing for more amenities and activities on board.

For obvious reasons, motorboats aren’t very ‘green’, but the motor industry has been making numerous advances in making motorboats more economical and less polluting. While they don’t lean as much as a sailboat, they will have a rougher ride if it travels at high speed. Alongside all the luxury features, you’ll get better reception and connection from your satellite dish, as it can be heavier and larger than on a sailboat.

The motorboat is ideal for those looking to unwind surrounded by the vast seas of the world. Settle down with a nice gin & tonic and watch the scenery of the Mediterranean go by. Regardless of what you end up picking, your yachting experience will be something to remember.

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