The Bahamas are, as you would imagine, among the destinations that YouCharter’s superyacht charter clients request to sail to the most.

These islands are world-famous for the stunning azure waters and abundant sealife that make the region one of the best places on the globe to snorkel and scuba dive. 

They also provide the setting for some of the most iconic James Bond films, including, most notably, Thunderball – which took its inspiration from the incredible Thunderball Grotto dive site.

And, beyond the astonishing natural beauty and exhilarating opportunities for adventure, The Bahamas and Exumas offer extreme luxury in the form of some world-class restaurants, bars, nightlife, boutique shopping and exclusive 5-star hotels and resorts which are simply to die for.

Here’s YouCharter’s guide to the best things to see, do and experience as part of your bespoke superyacht charter experience in The Bahamas in 2022.

Nature – The Greatest Event Of Them All

Let’s start with the heavenly natural habitat itself. 

The glorious Bahamas consist of around 700 islands and 2,400 cays (or keys), offering a breathtaking array of unspoilt natural habitats that only the fortunate few are able to ever experience for themselves. 

These habitats include pristine coral reefs, gorgeous white sandy beaches and Andros’s 1,800m deep oceanic trench.

The sapphire-blue waters of The Bahamas are home to a huge variety of exotic sealife, such dolphins, blue marlin (the ‘national fish’ of The Bahamas), clownfish, sea turtles, lionfish, groupers, starfish, lobster, sea bass, angelfish, butterfly fish, lobster, crabs, squid, starfish and eels. And, yes, sharks you can swim with, like the docile nurse species.

The Bahamas are therefore an absolute must for anyone with an interest in scuba diving, snorkelling and spectacular sealife in general. 

The Junkanoo Festival

An extravaganza of music, bright colour and fun for all, the Bahamian national festival of Junkanoo is a masked street parade that people flock to from across the world every year.

We’d defy anyone not to sway and move to the rhythmic symphony of drums, whistles, bass and cowbells.

This bi-annual cultural highlight traditionally takes place from 1am until dawn the day after Christmas Day, and again on New Year’s morning. 

But, if you can’t be there then, you can also experience the delights and wonders of Junkanoo on other occasions, like Bahamian Independence Day in July.

The Andros Crab Fest

Andros is known as the ‘Island of Crabs’ because of the success the islanders have had in harvesting the surfeit of land crabs which burrow beneath the ground to keep cool in the moist earth.

Held at Fresh Creek at the beginning of June each year, Andros Crab Fest is a fun-filled culinary weekend which celebrates the island’s famous crab-catching heritage.

Thousands of people come to Crab Fest from across the Bahamas to enjoy music, dancing, entertainment, culture and, of course, lots of delicious fresh crab dishes.

And what better way to get to and enjoy this festival than onboard your own charter superyacht?

Fox Hill Day Festival

Taking place on the 2nd Monday of August each year, Fox Day Festival has been celebrated at Fox Hill Village in Nassau – a seaside resort on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas – for 100 years to commemorate the abolition of slavery.

‘Emancipation Day’ is the second biggest festival in The Bahamas after Junkanoo, and is renowned for its colourful entertainment, music, dancing, delicious Bahamian food and sweets.

Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, is located on the island of New Providence, which is positively bursting with culture, history and luxury.

Nassau’s state-of-the-art marinas at The Albany Resort and Atlantis Paradise Island are, if you’ll excuse the pun, first ports of call for yacht charterers and owners because of the excellent links to Florida and the US mainland – and because the enduringly popular Out Islands are within easy reach from there.

Paradise Island, to the north of Nassau, is a real focal point for luxury travellers, boasting 5-star resorts, chic hotels, great restaurants, high-end boutique shopping and incredible nightlife. 

For instance, Paradise Island is where you’ll find the renowned sprawling 1,000-acre Baha Mar resort, with its 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course and casino. 

And then there’s The Four Seasons Ocean Club on Paradise Island, home to an irresistible beachfront hideaway offering golf, tennis, spa treatments, windsurfing, parasailing and fine dining. 

Regattas, Yachting And Fishing Extravaganzas

The Bahamas are serious yachting, boat racing and fishing territory. It’s not only part of the heritage of the wonderful inhabitants of this incredible archipelago but represents a huge draw to yachting enthusiasts from nearby Florida and the rest of the world.

There’s the Bahamas Family Island Regatta celebration of craft sloop racing, which takes place in George Town, the Exumas in April each year, accompanied by fun onshore events like basketball, a skipper’s party and (you guessed it!) a Junkanoo parade.

Then there’s the carnival atmosphere which surrounds the Long Island Regatta every May, featuring a bevy of sailing sloops that race against one another for prestigious prizes.

July’s Annual Racing Time in Abaco, Marsh Harbour, meanwhile, is a week-long regatta of sailboat races that act as the pretext for nightly beach picnics, glamorous cocktail parties, and a famous grand finale party.

Finally, who would want to miss the annual Sir Durward Knowles Festival of Lights Christmas Boat Parade; the brightest and most spectacular Christmas event you could ever wish to witness?

The Eleuthera Pineapple Festival

The Eleuthera what festival? The pineapple festival!

Held at Gregory Town on the island of Eleuthera in the first week of June each year, the Eleuthera Pineapple Festival is a celebration of the island’s pineapple farming traditions and the pineapple as a symbol of hospitality. 

This manifests itself in live music, fire dancers, entertainment and fun in the form of games like pineapple eating and pineapple cooking contests, ‘Old Time Pineapple Crazy Sports’, and plaiting of the Pineapple Pole.

People flock here from all over, and what better way to arrive at the festival than by chartered superyacht? 

Bahamas International Film Festival

It might not have quite the caché of Cannes, Venice or Sundance, but the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) is a prestigious enough film event to draw in the jet-set and Hollywood royalty, like Nicolas Cage and the late Sir Sean Connery. 

This glitzy event includes screenings, panel discussions, showcases from some of the world’s most exciting film talent and, of course, spectacular gala events.

This year’s event will also hold particular resonance with the recent passing of much-loved movie pioneer Sir Sidney Poitier, the most famous Bahamian of them all.

As you can see, there’s a heck of a lot to do, see and explore in The Bahamas in 2022. 

And believe us when we say that there’s no better way to experience it all than onboard your pick of one of YouCharter’s spectacular and fully crewed superyachts.

It’s entirely up to you what you want to do while you’re our guests in The Bahamas, so please let us know, and we’ll create the perfect bespoke superyacht adventure for you.
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