Monaco, situated on the Mediterranean coast, is rather unique among the various towns that mark the Riviera. Not only is it the only micronation in the Riviera, it’s home to an exuberant and active nightlife scene that has been the go-to place for the rich and famous in the world for centuries. As a result, the prices you’ll encounter are designed for those who have the money to spare.

Jimmy’z has been the preferred bar of the world’s jet set for 40 years and counting, although you’re not likely to see any celebrities there unless you can get access to the Boom Boom Room above the dance floor. The prices here are extraordinary: 26 Euros for a single beer, and 350 for the cheapest bottle of champagne, but there’s the possibility of running into the stars of the music and film industries, so Jimmy’z is best for those looking to see pop stars outside of the public image their agents cultivate.

For those looking for a cheaper option, there’s The Living Room: nowhere near as ostentatious as Jimmy’z in styling, yet still unique. Reminiscent of an English country pub and a European Discotheque, The Living Room attracts a less rowdy clientele, and you need to be wearing sensible clothes before you can get in. Compared to Jimmy’z, the prices here for an equivalent drink are roughly half than what they are over there.

Another option, cheaper than both, is the Brasserie de Monaco. ‘Brasserie’ means Brewery, and the BdM brews their own organic beer on the premises. Prices are more in line with your average pub or bar, with a pint costing 7 Euros. The styling is nothing special, but the view is something else. The Brasserie de Monaco is an ideal spot for watching the Monaco Grand Prix, as well as giving a superb view of Port Hercule and its retinue of superyachts all year round.

Another option balanced in prices and prestige is the Black Legend. Originally showcasing a Motown aesthetic, it has since settled into a modernist, electronic styling after a refit in 2012. The Restaurant was ditched, but the bar remains one of the more original bars in Monaco, with reasonable prices for drinks.

Monaco’s bustling nightlife scene is filled with old and new bars, pubs and restaurants that attract both the wealthy and the tourist willing to spend money on quality and prestige. There are doubtless many quality businesses we haven’t mentioned here, but those four businesses mentioned above are the ones people always go to in Monaco, and it’d be remiss of any visitor to not get a taste of it for themselves.