The French coast bordering the Mediterranean Sea is famous around the world for its stunning beauty, azure waters and picturesque villages that occupy the coastline. While there are hundreds of gorgeous beaches all over the coastline, the area attracts tourists from all walks of life, leaving the beach crowded. If you want to go swimming or sunbathe in relative privacy, the many private and quiet beaches available may be more to your liking. But where are the best ones?

Plage Mala

Not far from Monaco is the quaint town of Cap d’Ail. In comparison to Monaco’s bustling public beaches, Cap d’Ail has a small, quiet and rather secluded beach far away from prying eyes. Surrounded by trees and high cliffs, Plage Mala is a little pocket of paradise, usually quiet through the year and has two restaurants serving superb Mediterranean food.

Plage de Valras

A small commune close to the Spanish border, the Plage de Valras is composed of extremely fine sand and extremely calm waters. Perfect for introducing people to swimming in the sea, it’s less ideal for sunbathing as the sand gets kicked up by the Northern winds. A wide range of facilities and amenities are available; children’s play areas, gift shops, restaurants and more can be found just off the beach.

Plage des Marinières, Villefranche-sur-Mer

Next to the great city of Nice is Villefranche-sur-Mer, another small commune that attracts people trying to avoid the eternally-crowded beaches at Nice. Of particular note is the Plage des Marinières, a narrow but long stretch of beach that offer beautiful azure waters, quiet seclusion and some peace of mind if you’re bringing some family between July and August, with lifeguards stationed.

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