Like Saint-Tropez, Monaco is another famous town in the French Riviera, home to the rich and famous. Unlike Saint-Tropez, Monaco is not actually part of France – like other European city-states and microstates Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino and Vatican City, Monaco is a sovereign nation with a separate government from its much larger neighbour. At just 2km2, Monaco is the second smallest nation in the world, and also one of the most densely-populated. Like Andorra and Liechtenstein, the nation is a tax haven, with many European corporations headquartered here and many millionaires calling Monaco their home, as the great weather and varied attractions add to the attractiveness of this area.

Monaco is a constitutional monarchy, like the United Kingdom. Unlike the UK, the region has been ruled by one unbroken lineage since the 1200s: The House of Grimaldi. Despite this, the region has occasionally been occupied, once by France at the waning days of its revolution, then by the Kingdom of Sardinia (predecessor to modern Italy) after the Napoleonic Wars. By the 1860s, Monaco had negotiated true independence from France and it has remained untouched since the Second World War.

Another portentous development in Monaco occurred in the 1860s: the building and establishment of the Monte Carlo Casino, the source of Monaco’s astounding wealth and the inspiration for Monaco’s tax haven status, as the casino has made a huge turnover since its founding, supplying the country with more than enough money for state functions without having to tax their citizens.

The city-state of Monaco has played host to international sporting events such as the famed Monaco Grand Prix, the Monte Carlo Rally, the Tour de France and UEFA matches, despite being such a small country. Tourists arrive from all corners of the globe to visit the famous Monte Carlo Casino, associated with James Bond among other fictional and nonfictional characters. Monaco’s harbour facilities are impressive, with superyachts owned by the rich and famous dotted amongst hundreds of smaller yachts. With many of these superyacht owners moving their yachts out of Saint-Tropez due to high fuel costs, many will doubtlessly end up in Monaco due to its unique status.

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