Our pets are our family, so of course, we want to bring them with us on vacation! 

But it’s not always as straightforward as it sounds. 

Here’s how to sail with pets on a luxury yacht charter.

Before you sail

With pet travel regulations differing from country to country, it’s essential to make sure that you have all required documentation and are aware of quarantine requirements (if any). 

Do a bit of research on pet entry requirements in your chosen destination, and perhaps contact the local authorities if any questions or concerns arise. Or you can ask the team at YouCharter to look into it for you.

For example, if you plan to travel in the European Union, each pet will need a valid EU pet passport or EU animal health certificate – if travelling from a non-EU country. The pet will also need to be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies. A few countries (Finland, the Republic of Ireland, Malta, and Norway) will also request proof of tapeworm treatment for dogs.  

If you are travelling from a non-EU country or territory, your pet must have an EU animal health certificate issued by an official vet in the country of departure no more than 10 days before the pet arrives in the EU. Then, the certificate is valid for travel between EU countries for four months from this date or until the anti-rabies vaccination expires, whichever comes first.

Note: EU pet passports issued to a pet owner resident in Great Britain are no longer valid when travelling from Great Britain to an EU country.

Make sure all vaccines and documentation are correct and up-to-date and have them handy and ready to show at border control.

Lastly, before you sail, check with your charter broker to ensure that pets are allowed on your luxury yacht charter.

How To Keep Pets Safe While Onboard

After all the documentation is in order, the next step is ensuring your pet’s safety while onboard the yacht. 

  • Follow these essential safety tips when you sail with pets: The pet should wear a life jacket or vest while on board. The gear should have a proper fit with sufficient buoyancy in a reflective colour. Visit your local pet shop to find the perfect fit for your cat or dog
  • A safety harness gives your pet added protection during rough sailing or unexpected waves
  • You can add a safety lining around the boat for added protection for a playful pup or cat
  • Non-slip rubber mats will make it easy for your pet to get up and down slippery steps

Doing Their Business

This process is different depending on what type of pet you are bringing. 

For cats, it’s quite simple. They’ll just need an accessible litter box somewhere on your yacht charter. 

For dogs, it’s a little bit more complicated, but nothing that can’t be sorted out.

  • Here’s how to toilet train your dog on a boat: Establish a safe space on the yacht that will become your dog’s place ‘to go’
  • Use fake or real grass to help your dog understand that it’s a place to go. You can even build a small grassy area or contact your skipper for assistance
  • Follow your usual potty routine, but instead lead them to the grassy area. Praise and give treats. Practice makes perfect!

Pet Wellness While Onboard

The last thing you want is for your furry friend to end up with seasickness while onboard. Here are some essential tips to keep your pet healthy and in a good state of mind while on your luxury yacht charter:

  • Before you board, give your pets their meals as normal. Also, be sure to allow your dog to get a lot of exercise before boarding the boat so that they are tired and relaxed
  • Get a sailing first aid kit from your vet! This should include any medicine to help soothe motion and seasickness
  • Make sure your pet has constant access to water and shade, especially if you’re sailing in the summer
  • Bring plenty of food, treats, and toys to keep your pet calm and happy
  • Bring along your pet’s favourite bed or blanket to make them feel right at home

Charter a Luxury Yacht With Your Pet

YouCharter’s expert crews are well-versed in welcoming pets onboard. If you’re keen to bring your fluffy pal, we’re more than happy to accommodate them and make sure they have a great trip. 

YouCharter is a superyacht charter broker with an unrivalled passion for delivering heavenly yachting experiences in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean.

Book or enquire now to avoid missing out on the luxury voyage of a lifetime.

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