Just off the coast of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, the 30m long superyacht ‘Limitless’ suddenly burst in flames while at sea. Built in 2005 and refitted as recently as 2014, with room for 9 guests in 4 cabins, driven by 2 1500hp engines and fitted with a revolutionary stabilisation system, the Limitless was a luxury yacht of the highest calibre.

(BVI News)

The cause of the fire is currently believed to be a short circuit from one of the electrical appliances on board. While the fire quickly spread across the yacht, the captain and his crew managed to find and rescue all passengers, jumping out into the sea and being picked up by local fishermen. The blazing ship was then reported to local firefighting services by the US Coast Guard.

(Taylor Lawson)

Not long after the conflagration began, firefighters arrived onto the scene. By this point the fire had spread to the main deck and navigation bridge, and much of the yacht was written off. It is unlikely that this Limitless will sail again, although salvaging efforts are already underway.

So far, no casualties have been reported, but this terrible accident may reflect badly on Hargrave’s superyacht designs in the near future.

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