Located on Italy’s shin, the Amalfi Coast is famous for two reasons – its distinctive Limoncello liqueur and its picturesque scenery. Sleepy local towns in between huge escarpments, the dramatic and glamorous landscape has inspired painters for centuries. The area is dotted with beautiful churches, villas and beaches undisturbed by industrialisation.

The namesake town for the region, Amalfi, is home to the Amalfi Cathedral, a testament to hundreds of years of architectural and artistic stylings. From the earliest Norman/Islamic styling from when the church was first built 1100 years ago to recent Gothic, Byzantine and Baroque stylings introduced long after its consecration, this church is a microcosm of the diverse church stylings you find all over Italy.

Another town, Ravello, is much smaller than Amalfi but contains several beautiful villas and the Church of Saint John The Bull, home to beautiful mosaics that would later influence MC Escher’s surreal art. Ravello is also home to the Villa Rufolo, home to one of the richest families in the area and later visited by composer Richard Wagner, who based his garden of Klingsor from Parsifal on the stunning villa’s gardens.

The small town of Furore is also home to the Fiordo di Furore, a beautiful beach between two huge cliffs. Positano is also beautifully situated between two hills, and is home to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, home to a superb example of Byzantine art, a 13th Century Black Madonna. Every village and town associated with the Amalfi Coast is full of hotels and restaurants that can cater to your needs, as well as stretches of pristine beaches.

The Amalfi Coast is a popular stopping point on a superyacht cruise, with You Charter Direct offering several cruises that pass by the area and other coastal attractions along the western Mediterranean.