Many yachts carry a Personal Water Craft, or a Jet-Ski/Waverider as an activity to pursue when at sea. Many compare the Jet-Ski to a motorcycle in its form and function, but Jet-Skis have an entirely different feel.

Travelling around on a motorcycle can be described as a meditative, relaxed experience as you travel to a destination, or just going out for a ride, whereas Jet-Skis can be more accurately described as a rocket with handlebars. The ride is rough, especially on an ocean, the extraordinary acceleration requires you to really grip the handlebars tight and it’s easy to fall off if you hit a rough wave.

The Jet-Ski is for those that are seeking some adrenaline-pumping excitement rather than relaxation. As many Jet-Skis can approach 70 MPH on calm waters, it’s a fast and exhilarating way to experience the sea, as well as exhausting: On rougher water, you’ll be jumping off waves and crashing down again, which can be painful after a while unless you adopt a hunched-over stance that avoids contact with the seat.

So, Jet-skiing is like other rough-and-tumble sports like mountain biking, skateboarding or dirt biking. Injuries are possible and the sheer power of the Jet-Ski can throw people off, but there’s no point riding a Jet-Ski slowly. When you ride these, it’s 100% throttle at all times.

Many of our yachts (Wellesley, Ace, Formosa and other superyachts) have facilities for Jet-Skiing along with other water sports like kayaking, wakeboarding, windsurfing, paddleboards and kneeboards.