At long last, global COVID-19 restrictions are being eased all around the world, and people can travel again internationally. 

That also means it’s time to plan your upcoming holiday. 

And what better way to spend a vacation than on a luxury vessel in the middle of the Mediterranean or Caribbean sea with people you love? 

Since yachting’s high summer season lasts from April to October, you don’t want to waste any more time getting booked for the next superyacht season now!

When Is Superyacht Season?

Some of the most beloved yachting destinations include Monaco, Montenegro, Cannes, St. Tropez, St Barts, The Bahamas, Florida, the Amalfi Coast and Antibes. 

With so many incredible vacation places to choose from, it can be hard to choose which is best for you. 

However, your destination largely depends on the time of year you plan to travel. The summer yacht charter season starts around April and runs until October, followed by the winter season, which starts in November and lasts until April.

While Northern Europe and the Mediterranean are more popular in the summer season, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean are usually visited during the winter months. 

Some of the most popular events dominating the world of yachting are the Cannes Film Festival, St Barths Bucket Regatta, Monaco Grand Prix, and the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

Charter Rates

Rates for a yacht charter vary depending on the time of year. 

During peak season, all yachts are in much higher demand, which increases their prices. 

For example, our 160 ft. Zoom Zoom Zoom superyacht is available for €180,000 per week during the low season, and €185,000 per week during the high season. It has five cabins, can accommodate 10 guests, comes with 10 crew members, and cruises Antigua, the Bahamas, Cuba, and Saint Martin.

The difference between seasonal rates can be even greater. Our 154 ft. custom motor yacht Usher is a luxury vessel which can accommodate 12 guests in five cabins and comes with a crew of 12. It is available for €200,000 per week during the low season and €225,000 during the high season.

On average, people book a yacht for one or two weeks at a time but can negotiate their lengths of stay. Strong WiFi connections on vessels allow guests to work onboard, leading some to charter a yacht for extended periods of time, even up to an entire season.

Chartering A Yacht Out of Season

Since different regions around the world have different peak seasons, you can charter a luxury yacht at any time of the year.

However, do note that regular yachting seasons indicate good weather conditions.

Generally, warm weather and calm seas are optimal for a good yachting experience. In addition, certain yachts are only available at certain times of the year, so make sure to check whether your preferred vessel can be booked in your target destination for intended dates.

The Bottom Line

No matter which destination you dream of and who you plan to take to sea with, chartering a superyacht requires planning.

Luckily for you, at YouCharter we pride ourselves on providing our guests with the best possible superyacht experiences, which means that we’re happy to develop the perfect bespoke itinerary for you.

Just tell us where and when you’d like to go, and on which superyacht – and we’ll do the rest.

Get booked for the upcoming superyacht season now by calling YouCharter on UK +44 (0)7944 760 333 or emailing