We’re conditioned to expect Christmas to be about dashing through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh, carols by the fireside, hearty fare, sugar, spice and all things nice.   

And that’s great – who doesn’t love a good old wintery Christmas?

But, if the chance came up, would you pass up the opportunity to be waited on hand-and-foot on a superyacht in the Caribbean or The Maldives, enjoying delicious wine and cocktails in the life-giving sun? 

We very much doubt that you would. 

Read our blog to find out why you should consider eschewing a traditional Christmas next year and indulge in absolute luxury on a fully crewed superyacht instead.

Christmas In The Winter Sun

Exposure to sunlight triggers the release in your brain of the hormone serotonin, which is proven to boost mood and a feeling of contentment. 

So it’s little wonder that people who have the means to do so spend as much time in the sunshine as they can – ideally all the year round, because a lack of natural light is associated with depression and anxiety.

After all, the novelty of snow soon wears off. And when was the last time the UK enjoyed real snow at Christmas anyway? 

There are so many wonderful places to enjoy the winter sun – from The Canary Islands to  Goa; and from Australia to Florida – and there’s no better way to travel to and enjoy these sun-drenched heavenly places than by superyacht.

The Superyacht Experience

Sure, you can travel anywhere you like in the world by private jet in a fraction of the time it takes to get to your desired destination by superyacht.

But, quite frankly, what’s the hurry? 

Why not escape the rush and experience this magical planet in ways that so very few people will ever get to experience it? 

Travelling by superyacht is as close as you’ll ever get to feeling like an ancient king or empress – and the food and drink on a superyacht will be infinitely better.

Is it relaxation and a feeling of absolute calm that you’re after at Christmas? Or are you looking for high octane fun? 

Either way, a chartered superyacht and its expert crew will help you fulfil your every wish, whether it’s a blissful onboard spa or gastronomic experience; or a day of high-speed adventure with yacht toys ranging from jet skis to hovercraft, and from submarines to flight boards.  

Everything Is Done For You

It’s so easy to get het up over Christmas when you’re hosting at home or travelling to a hard-to-reach part of the country where you don’t really want to be.

But the beauty of spending your Christmas on board a chartered superyacht is that everything has been thought through and done for you.

The captain will tailor an itinerary exactly to your needs, so that you can spend your Christmas exactly where you want to be, whether that be in the Caribbean or Monaco, Cape Town or Fuerteventura.

And as for all that dreaded Christmas dinner planning and prep? Don’t worry, it’s all arranged by the onboard chef and expert crew, with everyone’s dietary needs and mealtime foibles catered for down to a tee.

Entertainment for all the family? All done. You don’t even have to lift a finger.

Your only responsibility is to sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a holly jolly Christmas.

Entertain In The Grandest Style

Why not welcome your friends, family, the great and the good aboard your yacht for a lavish Christmas ball or party?

Superyachts are designed and built for pleasure and entertainment, so many of them come ready-equipped with dance floors, their own night clubs, opulent dining spaces and bars under the stars.

Make it a Christmas nobody will ever forget by putting your own mark on and hosting the grandest event imaginable.

The More The Merrier 

A great advantage that sailing by superyacht has over other types of transport or accommodation is flexibility.

Superyachts are large enough to give everyone their own space, but can also be configured to encourage families to spend quality time together. 

Your chartered superyacht can easily be set up with families in mind, so that children’s twin cabins adjoin their parents’ master or double bedrooms.

But, equally, accommodation can be calibrated in such a way that everyone on board can let their hair down and party the night away without worrying about being disturbed the next day.

And remember, of course, you can enjoy your Christmas wherever you desire, whether it be in the South of France or the West Indies; the Middle East or Thailand. Maybe see in the New Year with fireworks in Sydney Harbour? 

There’s Something For Everyone

What’s your idea of building great Christmas memories? 

Watching Christmas movies under the stars with the kids or grandkids on massive state-of-the-art screens?

Hiring a world-class DJ and throwing unbelievable pool parties for your friends?

Enjoying spectacular food and wine tailored completely to your tastes?

Spending your days playing on giant inflatable slides or 4G football pitches?

Whichever way you look at it, a Christmas spent on a superyacht really does offer something for everyone. 

And the beauty is that you can just lie back and enjoy yourself because your charter captain and crew will have everything in hand, down to the finest detail. 

Want to enjoy Christmas in the winter sun on a superyacht of your choice manned by an expert crew that will attend to your every need next year? 

Get in touch via our enquiry form and we’ll deliver a luxury Christmas that you’ll never forget.