Yachting is a luxury that most of us will never experience: a one-time occasion to relax and unwind on the high seas, far from civilization. But like most holidays, it takes a lot of dealing with annoying middlemen to get all the minutiae in order.

What You Charter Direct does for you take out the middleman and many other annoying, mundane aspects of booking a yacht cruise. The experienced staff at YCD have worked in the yachting industry for over ten years, so they understand what the charterer needs to know. This is all part of making the booking process as painless as possible.

The prices vary from 14.000 Euros to something that only billionaires can dream of, from the humble Cadama to the ostentatious and beautiful Ace. The Ace contains a massive Jacuzzi in Roman style, a disco, even a helipad for those looking for a holiday in the air and the sea.

The cruises themselves cover most of the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas, from the coast of Gibraltar to the heel of Italy all the way to the Bahamas and Cuba. The cruises can happen year-round, so going to the Caribbean in winter is more than possible, and a good way to escape from the frost.

For the Petrolheads with money to spend, there’ll even be a cruise overlooking the Monaco Grand Prix, one of the most glamorous and exciting events in the automotive calendar. Listen to the V6 screech from Formula 1 cars zooming around Monaco while in the pristine blue sea, with the beautiful scenery of the French Riviera surrounding you.

For those looking for the high life in a beautiful yacht in the Mediterranean, or a short but sweet cruise in a sailboat, You Charter Direct is the place to go!

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