Monaco has a long history as a home for casinos. The famous Monte Carlo casino was one of the first of its kind, built in the 1860s in an effort to keep the Grimaldi family, the ruling family of Monaco, afloat. Although it had a slow start that failed to save the Grimaldis from bankruptcy, the casino has become one of Monaco’s most famous institutions, with the suave and cunning James Bond having a strong association with the casino throughout his career in books and movies.

The casino isn’t open to local patrons, but if you have the cash spare, tourists can enter the Monte Carlo casino and see 150 years of history for themselves. Some small additions to the casino were made throughout the 19th century, which contrasts nicely with the original French design. The prices are high, as you’d expect, and the gambling facilities are becoming less and less important as the building is focusing more on becoming a tourist attraction, but those that want some high-stakes gambling and superb cocktails are well accustomed for at the Monte Carlo.

Despite the prominence of the Monte Carlo in Monaco’s history and culture, there are other casinos available for your perusal. The Casino Café de Paris is right next to the Monte Carlo, as it’s part of the historic Place du Casino. Supercars and well-dressed superstars are common in this area, and the glitz of Monaco can be seen clearly in the Place du Casino.

When visiting Monaco, the casinos are a massive part of its appeal, alongside its impressive harbour, numerous nightclubs and bars, and superb restaurants that you must consider. Monaco is a popular stopping point on a superyacht cruise, with You Charter Direct offering several cruises that pass by the area and other coastal attractions along the Mediterranean.