Anyone who’s ever been on a superyacht knows that it will have taken years to build and perfect, not including the many upgrades that a superyacht requires during their service life. Building these yachts requires decades of experience and craftsmanship, handed down through the generations. Many of the most respected shipbuilders have histories stretching back centuries, with many engineering marvels to their name. Here’s some of the esteemed shipbuilding companies that produce your yachts:

Blohm + Voss (B&V), Germany

B&V was founded in 1877, not long after the various German states formed into the German Empire. Situated on the island of Kuhwerder off the coast of Hamburg, B&V had an upwards struggle ahead of them as the shipbuilding industry was almost entirely situated in Britain at the time. Nevertheless, B&V managed to impress the clients that commissioned them with ship designs like the National and the Burg.

By the time the First World War broke out, the German shipbuilding industry was furiously attempting to outproduce the British, but B&V was still producing leisure and transport ships in this period. However, by the 1930s, B&V were in dire straits and facing bankruptcy. Seeing an opportunity in the Rearmament Programme, B&V diversified into military production.

One of their most famous creations is the Bismarck: the heaviest and largest warship in service when it set sail on the eve of WW2, and the ship that sank HMS Hood. B&V also had an aircraft division, producing various seaplanes for the German military, including the heaviest aircraft ever built during the war, the BV 238. However, the end of the war brought the end to B&V’s aviation ambitions, and postwar politics brought an end to this iteration of B&V.

1952 saw the return of a rebranded B+V, handling ship repairs. Not long after being granted credit by the City of Hamburg, B+V began building ships for the West German Navy. While B+V has never reached its WW2 heights in terms of sheer production, they are still leaders in their field.

B+V have been producing leisure boats and yachts since its inception, but its most famous creation is almost certainly the Eclipse and the Dubai. M/Y Eclipse, built for Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, is the second longest yacht in the world at 162.5 metres, and Dubai is only 50 cm shorter. Both vessels are filled with incredible luxuries that can only be enjoyed by those with the cash or connections.

The Eclipse is available at You Charter Direct at a high POA, but there’s no doubt that these ships are the very best of the superyacht market.

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