The Mediterranean region, known for its pleasant weather and beautiful blue waters, is also home to hundreds of cities that experience lots of tourism, for a variety of reasons: history and culture, luxury resorts, the nightlife scene, sightseeing and so on. When you’re sailing around the Mediterranean Sea, you can get a glimpse of some of these cities, but you’ll only get a small morsel of what these cities are unless you stop at the port.

Athens, Greece
The cultural legacy of ancient Greece cannot be overstated. The concept of ‘western culture’ and politics comes from a long lineage of influential countries, who were influenced by Greece, such as the ancient Roman civilization. Ancient monuments like the Parthenon stand alongside modern high-rise buildings and restaurants, with modern infrastructure built for the 2004 Olympics. Anyone curious about history and culture need to stop here.

Barcelona, Spain
Only a short walk from the main port, Barcelona’s city centre is bustling with history, culture and great food. A common stop on any cruise near Spain, the ports are loaded with luxurious superyachts and the pristine beaches are always popular.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Even after a brutal civil war 25 years ago, the beautiful walled city of Dubrovnik is something to marvel at if you even travel through the Adriatic. The historic city walls have been featured in shows like Game of Thrones, alongside small alleys of an old Mediterranean town stocked with restaurants, historical buildings and churches providing a snapshot of urban life long before our time.

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, variously referred to as Constantinople and Byzantium throughout history, is one of the most important cities in the European world. The magnificent Hagia Sophia, built almost 1500 years ago is now a museum, with the addition of minarets built by the Ottomans. This is the place you need to go if you want to see history: old palaces, ancient stone walls and many religious monuments await those interested in Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Turkish history.

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31 August 2018

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