At just 2km2, Monaco is the second smallest nation in the world, and also one of the most densely-populated. Like Andorra and Liechtenstein, the nation is a tax haven, with many European corporations headquartered here and many millionaires calling Monaco their home. Monaco is a city of luxury and hedonism: the famous Monte Carlo casino, frequented by the fictional James Bond, is a must-see attraction for gamblers and historians alike. The Monaco Grand Prix attracts petrolheads from around the world and its beautiful azure blue waters attracts yachts and sailing vessels around the Mediterranean. When you’re done enjoying the many sights and sounds of Monaco or just feeling hungry, you can check out the large number of restaurants dotting the town. But where’s the best ones?

Blue Bay, Monte Carlo Bay

Rated 1# on Tripmaster for restaurants in Monaco, Blue Bay gives you a superb view of Monaco while you dine on the finest Mediterranean and French cuisine. Ideally, getting in before nightfall allows you to soak up the view, and the expense of the food matches the quality.

La Montgolfiere Henri Geraci

An interesting mesh of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, La Montgolfiere Henri Geraci has some of the most reasonable prices for food in Monaco. Tucked away in a pedestrian-only part of town, a lot of people don’t get to enjoy the great food here.

Restaurant Joel Robuchon Monte-Carlo

Near the entrance of the luxurious Metropole hotel, the Restaurant Joel Robuchon Monte-Carlo Serves some of the fanciest dishes in Monaco. Seafood and game meat alongside other haute-cuisine options are the mainstays of the menu, and it’s outfitted with gloriously old-fashioned decor that’ll make you feel like a French noble while dining here.

Monaco is more well-known for its casino than its restaurants, but Monaco brings the best of regional cuisine, occasionally mixed with more exotic food and delivered with impeccable quality. If you’re looking for a super yacht charter based in Monaco and the South of France with access to ports around the western Mediterranean and the Caribbean, You Charter Direct provides several cruising locations in the Mediterranean so you can see some of the history, culture and luxury of this area for yourself.

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