Sailing and Yachting is a fairly common recreational activity among those who can afford to do it, or own a boat themselves. For many, sailing is an exhilarating adventure: as the wind blows you to your destination, you can feel a sense of travelling to unknown lands that has largely died out in this age of GPS navigation, as well as the speed that can be produced just by taking advantage of water and wind. Meanwhile, yachting can be a relaxing, get-away-from-it-all trip: watching the rippling and undulating waves flow past your boat has an almost hypnotic effect, and the on-board refreshments and entertainment will keep you active throughout the journey. Naturally, there’s a number of podcasts for both serious sailors and laid-back yachters, starting with:

Sailing Alone Around the World by Joshua Slocum

Joshua Slocum is renowned by expert sailors and newcomers alike for his contributions to sailing: in 1895, Slocum sailed around the world alone, a first in history. Documented in his bestseller from 1900, Sailing Alone Around the World, Slocum’s voyage has provided inspiration for countless sailors. Now it’s available as an audiobook-style podcast on, so you can enjoy the astute narration of the original book without getting the pages wet.

Sailing in the Mediterranean and beyond

The name suggests what you’d expect. On Sailing in the Mediterranean and beyond, Franz discusses the many aspects of sailing around the Mediterranean: the sights to see, the problems that can occur and the many adventures that come from sailing or yachting around the Mediterranean. This podcast is Patreon supported, so donating to their podcast will help Franz keep the show going.

The Sailing Rode (TSR)

Similar to Franz’s podcast above is The Sailing Rode. TSR follows more global topics, and their trips take them to places like the Florida Keys, Thailand and the Bahamas. Other topics include the building and testing of new boats, where to get a good boat for sale and many sailing events occurring in the Caribbean.

There are lots of things to listen to when out at sea: seabirds calling, the gentle, rhythmic splashing of the waves on the bow, the wind fluttering around your sails and now you have fellow sailors sharing their stories and experience.

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31 August 2018

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