Having to choose what beaches in the Caribbean region are best is a difficult, if not impossible task. Most beaches in the region seem to look similar to each other: soft yellow or white sands, palm trees obscuring what’s beyond, beautifully pure azure water and the dazzling marine life hiding under the waves. Nevertheless, there are several beaches that stand out in some respect.

Shoal Bay, Anguilla
Anguilla has been relatively neglected when it comes to tourism, especially when compared to nearby Barbados, but it boasts some of the finest beaches and resorts in the entire region, with less of the crowded hustle and bustle of the more popular islands. Shoal Bay is a 2-mile stretch of pearly white sand bordering the warm waters of the Caribbean, with easy access to rental equipment and public access.

Eagle Beach, Aruba
Another quiet part of the region, Aruba has perfect beach weather all year round and a relaxed, quiet atmosphere that permeates every corner of the island. Eagle Beach is the perfect vision of a surfer and sunbather’s paradise: swaths of perfect, powdery sand and a year-round dose of sunshine, complemented by a gentle surf that allows for swimming and surfing.

Trunk Bay, St John
Located in the US Virgin Islands, Trunk Bay is maintained by the US National Park Service and it shows. Trunk Bay and its surroundings are almost pristine. The Virgin Islands, and this beach, is home to the Leatherback Turtle, known as ‘Trunks’ to the locals. Alternatively, there’s many opportunities to go snorkelling and see the beautifully preserved coral reefs.

Crane Beach, Barbados
Barbados is the archetypical Caribbean beach resort for many, and Crane Beach lives up to that ideal. As the Bahamas is a coral island, the beaches are made up of ground-up and smashed coral over the millennia, which leaves them soft and fine. There are opportunities for snorkelling and surfing in the beautiful blue waters next to the beach, if you’re feeling brave, as the waves on Crane Beach are quite strong and can overpower weak swimmers.

The Caribbean has its fair share of beautiful beaches with the accommodations you need to make your holiday there perfect. If you’re looking for a super yacht charter based in Antibes and St Barths with access to ports around the Caribbean, You Charter Direct provides several cruising locations in the Caribbean so you can see some of the natural beauty of these regions for yourself.



31 August 2018

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