St Barths, a small Caribbean island in the Renaissance archipelago, is home to beautiful stretches of beaches, luxurious hotels and pristine waters. St Barths was a French colony for most of its modern history, but efforts were made to transform the island into a tourist attraction in the 60s, as the natural beauty of the island was finally taken into consideration. Home to yachts, beaches and water sports, St Barths also has a small nightlife scene. Here’s three bars you should visit when you need to liven up the night:


The Bonito is a bar in Gustava that serves traditional French food, inventive cocktails and a beautiful view of the harbour. Situated on a steep hill overlooking the harbour, the Bonito is a classy restaurant serving the best of contemporary French cuisine, particularly seafood. The cocktails served here are fantastic and unique, with a lot of decoration. This restaurant is the perfect place to go for a romantic night out.

Ti St Barth

Another restaurant, but with more of an ostentatious and exciting atmosphere, the Ti St Barth straddles the line between a club and restaurant. The food lives up to the St Barths reputation: expensive but delicious. The defining feature of the Ti St Barth is a cabaret show after the sun sets.

Bo Kao

As you can guess by the name, this restaurant serves Asian-inspired cuisine. While it seems like an odd fit for an area dominated by French and Caribbean cuisine, the Bo Kao is a brilliant alternative to the other two restaurants. Superb food and affordable cocktails are available here.
St Barths is one of the jewels of the Caribbean: the island has a large nature reserve which can be visited, along with sporting events, a vibrant local cuisine and beautiful azure waters home to massive superyachts and small boats. When Winter strikes the Mediterranean, St Barths is one of the best places to visit in the Caribbean.

St Barths is the place to visit for those who want to see Carribean/French culture, cuisine and history in detail. St Barts is a popular stopping point on a superyacht cruise, with You Charter Direct offering several cruises that pass by the area and other coastal attractions along the Caribbean.

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