The Netherlands have a long and proud history of ship-making and seafaring. Covering nearly 400 years of history and once possessing an empire made up of 29 countries, the Dutch have historically been at the forefront of naval exploration, with figures like Michiel De Ruyter and Maarten Tromp carving their way into the history books alongside Nelson and Tōgō.

After a long and difficult war of independence against the Spanish Empire, the Netherlands understood that a strong navy could protect them from further aggression by the much larger European powers. A strong navy also allowed the Netherlands to fully exploit the nascent global economy that had sprung into being with the Portuguese discovery of a sea trade route into Asia.

It’s this long heritage of seafaring that allowed the small island city of Vlissingen to grow into one of the largest and most important harbours in Northern Europe. Amels, and its parent company Damen have been tapping into this history, and their own histories, to produce some of the most beautiful and luxurious superyachts ever built.

Established in 1918 in Makkum, Kees Amels set out to produce ships ranging from wooden boats to steel tug boats, while also teaching his son Weibe the tools of the trade. By the 50s, Weibe was now in charge and saw a brighter future in building larger commercial vessels. Their current trade in superyachts began in the late 70s, with the launch of the Katalina in 1982 after years of planning and construction.

What distinguishes Amels from many of its worldwide competitors is its focus on delivering bespoke yachts, custom-built and fine-tuned to the commissioner’s specifications. Since the 80s, Amels has distinguished itself in the yacht building industry by catering to the ever-present demand for a tried-and-tested, but customisable design.

After the acquisition by Damen and a move to Vlissingen in 2005, Amels has been a top choice for many people wishing to build their own yacht. If you’re looking for a superyacht charter in Cannes that provides cruises around the Mediterranean, we provide several Amels yachts, such as Elixir and Deniki.

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