Endless amounts of sun-drenched islands meet tranquil waves and radiant scenery. These are just a few of the advantages of sailing in Greece. Combine those with impeccable cuisine, history, and idyllic beach towns, and it’s quick to understand why Greece is the perfect sailing vacation destination. Here’s why you need to do a yacht charter in Greece for your next vacation.

Why is Greece the perfect yacht charter destination?

The sun, the sea, and the wind… three things that make for a splendid sail. Luckily, Greece offers plenty of all of them. However, this European destination boasts a lot more than just good weather. One of the main advantages to sailing Greek islands is that they are so close and compact, making travelling from one to the other a relaxed and pleasant experience. Of course, the majestically clear waters, mountainous landscapes, and picturesque white-washed villages are also hard to beat.

Greece is also a great sailing destination whether you’re a beginner or an expert sailor. Experienced sailors can take on the strong winds in the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades or the Dodecanese islands, while others might prefer the mild winds of the Saronic Gulf, the Sporades islands or the Ionian Sea. Enjoy an adrenaline rush or take it easy, the choice is yours when sailing in Greece.

If you want to soak up true Greek charm, a Greece yacht charter is the way to go.

What to expect on a yacht charter in Greece

There are roughly 3,000 islands in Greece, offering more shoreline than any other European country. So, every experience can be a bit different, but all will likely exceed your expectations. There are different seas that boast different wind patterns, stronger or more tame. Some islands are bustling and touristic, while others are calm and dreamlike.

For example, one of the most popular sailing destinations in Greece is the Ionian Sea. Its sailing season is typically from April until October, offering family-friendly adventures and pleasant winds while also being steeped in ancient Greek history and the must-see islands Corfu and Lefkada.

When doing a yacht charter in Greece, there are a few things to keep in mind. You can either charter an entire boat for yourself and your party or book a yacht that is shared with other passengers. Though chartering an entire boat is more costly, it is the best and most freeing option. From there, it is up to you whether you want to hire a skipper or not. If you want to bare boat, at least one person will need to have a valid RYA Day Skipper International Certificate of Competence (ICC) or an equivalent license from a registered open-water sailing school.

Keep in mind that hiring a skipper will also provide you with insight knowledge of the islands, somewhat acting as a guide to help you make the most of your Greece sailing vacation. So, it can be very handy and keep the pressure off so you can enjoy your sailing getaway to the fullest.

How to choose the right charter for your trip

A reputable Greece charter broker can take care of all the uncertainties when planning a yacht vacation in Greece. Speaking with a broker, you can take a look at the different boat options, including motor or sail and even the length of the yacht.

From there, you can decide whether you’d like to hire a skipper to make your excursion a breeze, or if you prefer to take charge and explore the Greek islands on your own.

Find out what else you should know before considering a yacht charter.

What are the best islands to visit in Greece?

Greek islands do not disappoint, so it’s hard to go wrong. Nonetheless, there are some islands that tend to stand out among the rest. Here are some of the best places to see when sailing in Greece.


Greece’s largest island located between the Aegean and Libyan seas, Crete boasts excellent cuisine, charming beaches, historical sites, and lovely marinas to dock a yacht.

sailing greece


If you’re looking for a lively place with vibrant nightlife, Mykonos in the Cyclades is the place to be. Plus, you won’t want to miss its cosmopolitan atmosphere and fantastic white-washed beaches.


Easily one of Greece’s best-known islands, Santorini is a gem. It offers beautiful hillside towns painted in an iconic white and blue combo. The island was formed from a volcanic eruption leaving it with lovely pebbled beaches and gorgeous landscapes.

What to do on the Greek islands

Once you’re on land, there is much to see and discover. Explore hiking trails, scenic outlooks, world-class cuisine, sparkling beaches, and endless entertainment. For example, in Corfu, explore its charming old town, visit an ancient monastery, and unwind on Paleokastritsa Beach. Then, when in Mykonos, check out its legendary nightlife scene. Plus, the island is strikingly beautiful and there is plenty of gourmet cuisine and picturesque views.

Try Greek olives, fresh seafood, and local wine while you sit by the coast and feel the gentle summer breeze. Greece will sweep you away in the best way.

Tips for sailing in Greece

Before sailing Greek islands, keep these tips in mind to ensure a smooth and enjoyable, sun-kissed journey.

The sailing season for most Greek islands is April to November. The peak season is from late June until early September. Head out in late May or September if you want to avoid crowds at both the marinas and island towns.

Summer in Greece is very hot and the UV rays are strong. Stay protected with linen layers, a proper sun hat, and quality, reef-safe sunscreen.

Plan your journey via a reputable yacht charter broker to ensure the best vacation.

Wind patterns are known to be quite changeable, so keep this in mind when planning your journey.

Greece has some fantastic mooring locations like the Lefkas Marina as well as the Gouvias Marina in Corfu. Keep in mind there are small daily fees to moor in Greece.

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