The Event That’s On Everyone’s Bucket List

What’s the world’s most glamorous sporting event? Wimbledon? The Masters? Royal Ascot? Polo, the very ‘sport of kings’? All very prestigious indeed.

But nothing quite touches the Monaco Grand Prix for sheer allure.

Fangio, Senna, Schumacher and Hamilton are among the pantheon to have won this illustrious race multiple times.

Yet, much as the Grand Prix provides a thrilling spectacle, let’s be honest: many people fortunate enough to watch it in person or from the extreme comfort of a superyacht in the harbour are there because it’s the place to be seen.

Come and rub shoulders with the A-list – and experience the incredible buzz of this unforgettable event for yourself.

Play Your Hand

You only have to read Daniel Deronda or take your pick of the great Russian novels to realise how deeply entrenched gambling was in the psyche of the typical 18th and 19th century aristocrat.

Casinos provided the nobility with the perfect habitat in which to indulge themselves in this fashionable, high stakes pursuit.

Which is why destinations on the great Grand Tour – and the French Riviera in particular – became the perfect places to build magnificent casinos.

And the very finest of these is the wonderfully extravagant marble-and-gold Casino de Monte-Carlo; which you simply have to play a hand or two at before you can really say you’ve truly experienced Monaco.

A Constant Parade Of Supercars

Monaco is – as you’d expect from a destination built upon fast cars and fast living – a veritable nirvana for supercar enthusiasts.

The majority of such enthusiasts would be more than satisfied with sitting outside a café on Casino Square with a coffee or glass of wine watching, open-mouthed, as the constant parade of special edition, totally unique or vintage Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Bugattis and Maseratis roars past.

But it may be that being part of that parade driving a supercar around Casino Square is one of your long-held ambitions – and we will help make that happen.

And if you’d sooner just take a splendid lunch and then a good look at some of the finest motorcars ever built, then we would highly recommend a tour of the Exhibition of HSH The Prince of Monaco’s Vintage Car Collection.

Spoil Yourself – You Deserve It

OK, so some people may come to Monaco for supercars, celebrity spotting, ritzy restaurants, café culture, spectacular panoramic vistas and beautiful weather.

But you’ve just come to Monaco to shop!

And who can blame you, when it’s home to some of the most magnificent and super-exclusive boutiques the world has to offer.

The world-famous Carré d’Or and Allées Lumières boutiques house all the big names like Bulgari, Cartier and Repossi, while the resplendent Le Métropole offers one of the world’s most extraordinary shopping experiences.

Florentine tailor Steffano Ricci, meanwhile, is a Monaco institution, where gentlemen go to be fitted with perfectly crafted suits.


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