13 July 2018

B&V: Who Builds Your Yachts?

Anyone who’s ever been on a superyacht knows that it will have taken years to build and perfect, not including the many upgrades that

6 July 2018

Restaurants in Marseille

France has a long and proud culinary history, and Marseille is one of the oldest cities in France. Various cultures have left their mark

22 June 2018

Things to See and Do in Provence: Marseille

If you’ve ever thought about visiting the Mediterranean, you’re probably already planning to visit the French Riviera. A beautiful coastline marked by long stretches

16 June 2018

Are Yachts Harming The Environment?

There’s nothing better for some people than getting on a boat or yacht and sailing through the waterways of the world. Sailing has a

8 June 2018

A Brief History of Saint-Barthélemy

When the French Riviera gets cold and rainy during winter, many tourists and millionaires decide to travel west, to the Caribbean. With most of

25 May 2018

What Attracts People to Yachting?

As far as hobbies go, yachting is pretty expensive and time consuming compared to other recreational activities like cycling, hiking and swimming. But yachting

11 May 2018

Things to See and Do in Nice

Close to the border with Italy, Nice is one of the largest and most important cities in the French Riviera. The city and its

4 May 2018

Things to do in St Barts

The small Caribbean island of St Barts is home to many things: beautiful landscapes, French culture and cuisine, beautiful azure waters and coral beaches

20 April 2018

Making The Most Out of Wind Power

For most of humanity’s history on the seas, we’ve had to rely on two main methods of propulsion through the water: oars, the preferred

13 April 2018

The Next Step In Ship Hygiene

There’s nothing quite like throwing a window open and letting the breeze waft through to bring some fresh air to a room. It’s the