Delivering Beyond all expectations

You may well envision all superyacht experiences as being, by their very nature, perfect.

Surely they should be, when high wealth individuals and celebrities give brokers and crews such huge resources and budgets to work with?

And yet too many superyacht experiences fall way short of expectations.

Why? How is that even possible?

It’s because other superyacht experience brokers simply don’t pay enough attention to detail. They think it’s ok for standards to slip.

Well, we’re to tell you that it’s absolutely not ok.

Enjoying drink on a superyacht vacation

YouCharter has always been – and remains – a cut above the competition because we truly care and always operate to the very highest standards. This isn’t a job for us: it’s a lifelong passion.

We stand apart from all the usual names because we can get you the yacht you want and take you to the destination you want to go to at the best possible price.

Our loyalty is to you, our customers. This means that we are not – unlike other brokers – paid to represent or favour some yachts over others.

We are the only superyacht charter broker that will offer you a truly independent selection of yachts, meaning that you can handpick the one you want.

Enjoying dining on a superyacht vacation

And if you aren’t sure which kind of vessel you’re looking for, we will help you, basing our recommendations on a clear understanding of your requirements and inclinations. It’s all part of our total commitment to giving our customers excellent choice and complete satisfaction.

Your itinerary and budget are incredibly important to us, too. We won’t simply foist the most expensive yacht on you or decree where we go when. We will tailor our offering to match your price scale and work with you to chart your perfect journey. If there’s somewhere that you want to be at a certain time, we will do everything we humanly can to get you there.

As a highly experienced team of crew and ex-captains, we have developed the know-how and instincts to get every aspect of your experience with us absolutely right. Even down to the tiniest detail, whether that’s making sure that specific wine you love is in plentiful supply or providing you with astonishing places to watch the sunrise or go down.

You really will be in the very best hands with YouCharter. 

Let us take you to heaven and beyond.